Zaprogramuj swoją przyszłość


your future.

About the program

“Program your future” is a nationwide educational program aimed at raising practical programming skills among pupils of secondary schools studying information technology.

Progress and development of new technologies creates a demand in the labor market for people with competence in the field of computer science. Today, in Poland there is approx. 50 thousand skilled professionals in the IT industry, while in the European Union up to 10 times as much. The current trend in the development of modern technology will shape our future for many years.

The future’s name is programming.

Who and where?

The “Program your future” is an initiative of Transition Technologies, a Polish IT company, which has been creating mobile applications and innovative solutions for the industry for 25 years.

The program will run in the cities in which Transition Technologies has its regional branches: Koszalin, Kielce, Lublin, Lodz, Ostrow Wielkopolski and Bialystok.

How it works?

The program which runs in chosen schools includes 7 main areas:

Students on extracurricular activities (conducted by our employees) in their school, gain knowledge of the basics of programming, which prepares them better for the job.

The program is implemented by Transition Technologies and secondary schools in cooperation with the city authorities.

What are our goals?

Implemented programs